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#4 David Dodd

He is in his 3rd year for baseball and football.
Nickname is Double "D" .
Main interest are BAFFLE Football, he is a nose guard...
He also likes anything outdoors like hunting, fishing, and camping, and 4 wheeling.


Devyn Anderson


#2 Garrett Helpenstill

Garrett loves the Astros and the Texans.
He is 7 years old.
He goes by the nickname "G-Dog".
He was a tailback and corner-back for the Pearland Patriots last season.
This is his third year to play baseball and first year for machine pitch.

J.J. Garza


Jalen Kerlegan


#6 Josh Campbell

Josh is 7 years old and lives and breathes baseball!!!
Watched baseball games on tv rather than cartoons as a toddler!
Plays baseball and basketball every chance he has with his big brother Justin.
He also loves going to the beach.
His favorite food is snow crabs! His favorite movie is Twister.

#9 Luke Gowan

Luke is 7 years old and recently earned the nickname "Hollywood".
Luke got his first tee at the age of 13 months and has been playing baseball ever since.
This is Luke's fourth Spring season to play for the Dad's Club and his first to play Machine
Pitch. When Luke is not playing baseball he's watching it.
He also likes dove hunting, going to Monster Jam's and recently became interested in
WWE! Luke's #1 fan is his little brother, Max.

Marco Pena


#11 Mark Zapata

Mark's nickname is "Bubba".
He is 6 years old and will be turning 7 April 27th.
His hobbies are baseball, football and basketball.
He also loves to go hunting with his dad (coach Mark).

Oliver Nwofia

#13 Oliver Nwofia

Oliver is 8 years old and is a straight "A" student in the 3rd grade.
His nickname is the "Big O".
This is his second year playing baseball and first year playing machine pitch.
He loves playing baseball, basketball, kickball, taking karate and playing his nintendo dsi.

#7 Tyler Helpenstill

Tyler enjoys any type of sport as long as there is a ball involved.
He is 7 years old. He never misses a Texans or Astros game with his brother Garrett.
Tyler's nickname is "T-Bird" or as his dad calls him "Bird".
He was a Quarterback and linebacker for the Pearland Patriots last season.
This is his third year to play baseball and his first year for machine pitch.